The New Collectors Book 2016, 2016   Nalovi-Willert

The publisher and art consultancy firm based in New York Basak Malone LLC has launched the 5th edition of THE NEW COLLECTORS BOOK at the Art Expo in New York 14.-17.4.2016

The art work of Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert is represented with 6 pages in this annual art book, which is dedicated to presenting a wide range of fine arts and providing an opportunity for the appreciation of select artworks through acknowledged galleries in its special 5th Edition. Emerging and outsider art juxtaposed with well- established artists and reputable galleries are featured.

THE NEW COLLECTORS BOOK www.thenewcollectorsbook.com
is available at Amazon for 40$

Basak Malone LLC www.basakmalone.com

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