Prof. Thomas Lambrecht, Evelyn Kreusch, Jesko Willert, Lili Nalovi, Dr. Sabine Lambrecht, Prof. Thomas Kreusch, Padhar Misson Hospital, India, 2013  

Under the auspices of the International Bernd-Spiessl-Symposium for Innovative and Visionary Technologies in Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Clinic in Basel, Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert gave their first presentation on their social painting project with children. In 2012 they developed their “Action Painting Project” on the island of Lamu in Kenya, with children of the Shela Primary School and the Anidan Orphanage. The project was expanded to India in 2013, involving the children of the Blind and Mission School in Padhar, Madhya Pradesh. In this project, up to 100 children can all paint at the same time outdoors on giant canvasses hung on bamboo frames. Charcoal, normally used for cooking, serves as the drawing material. The artists mix the colours for the children from pigments bought locally as with all other materials. In Kenya, at the end of the project, dhow sails are sewn together from some of the canvasses, with which the children can happily sail on the waters surrounding Lamu.

Action Painting Project Mission School Padhar/Indien 2013
Action Painting Project Shela Primary School Lamu/Kenia 2012
Action Painting Project Anidan Orphanage Lamu/Kenia 2012


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