Jesko with Jokey Eduardo Pedroza, Derby Hamburg , 2013  
„Actually, everything came together on Sunday so that the ladies and gentlemen of Hamburg society had a pleasant morning in the VIP stand at Horn race-track. The sun shone bright, the champagne flowed ... Bets were made, punters were furiously egged on, money was won, gambled away and, as well as that, the winner of the traditional Hat Competition was chosen. And it was a guy, not a girl – because, in the jury's eyes, the most beautiful hat this year was worn by a man, Jesko Willert. „The most progressive hat is the winner,“ as jury member and fashion designer Stefan Eckert put it. The elegant headgear was created by Elke Martensen.“ (DIE WELT, 8.7.13)

„The highlight of the day : choosing the most beautiful headdress. This time the winner was a man. Artist Jesko Willert was chosen to take first place by the jury of experts (designer Sibilla Pavenstedt, Stefan Eckert, José Benédi, among others). Coffee-queen Edda Darboven said, „This gentleman has shown imagination. That kind of thing deserves rewarding.“ (HAMBURGER MORGENPOST, 8.7.13)
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