Construction Site at the upper Alster, 2011  
The Shallop Olga Gomez

Inspired by trips to India and Indonesia, Jesko Willert started constructing the shallop "Olga Gomez" in May 2011, in the Trillup nature reserve on the upper reaches of the Alster. The planks were soaked in water and bent into shape using fire and weights. Jesko Willert used leverage to move the 200 kg boat down a slope from the construction site to the riverbank. After a building time of 18 days, the shallop was launched on 26 June. The maiden voyage through the thick greenery of the upper stretch of the Alster felt like a trip down the Amazon. Thereafter, the shallop lay at the forecourt of the WASSERTURMPALAIS during the exhibition by Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert in August 2011. A short film on the construction and maiden voyage of the Olga Gomez was shown in Cinema Paradiso.
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